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To empower people to awaken and reconnect with their healthiest and most authentic selves––in mind, body, and spirit––through healing spaces and transformative practices that connect and inspire people to live real and well in the midst of stress, disconnection, and dis-ease.

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On bed-making: Lessons from the Swiss

On bed-making: Lessons from the Swiss

October 23, 2018

For a few sweet summers in my early twenties, I worked as a swim and trampoline instructor at an amazing international summer camp in Crans Montana, Switzerland. Kids would come from all over the world and spend three weeks in the beautiful alps, to be entertained and cared for by an amazing group of kind, […]

Feel Your Feelings

Feel Your Feelings

October 22, 2018

“Feelings are the language of the soul.” Sadly, many of us have been conditioned to stifle the language of our soul. From the early days of upset over being left to be “It” in a game of tag, to navigating our first heartbreak, most of us, at one point or another, have received messages like […]

On making conscious choices: What do you mean you don’t eat avocados?

On making conscious choices: What do you mean you don’t eat avocados?

October 21, 2018

We should never need to explain or feel guilty about making conscious choices for our health and/or mental health. People who truly love and care about us will support us and our choices—not question, taunt, or try to sabotage those choices. Sometimes, it feels hard, when people know us in one way—they come to expect […]

Janice Gill Oakville Ontario Therapist Yoga Teacher

Meet Janice

Hey there! My name is Janice. I am the founder and face of Pink Circle Wellness.

I am a holistic psychotherapist, yoga teacher (200-hr), meditation teacher (100-hr), registered social worker (MSW, RSW), coach, world traveller, and lifelong learner. I am an ally, an advocate, and a holder of hope. Above all else, I am a human BEING, who deeply understands the experience of battling through the trenches of trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression. I have learned some invaluable tools along my journey—both personally and professionally—that I am passionate about sharing with those seeking transformation and change. 

I value authenticity, compassion, and humour, and always exemplify these qualities whether I’m providing a learning, healing, or reflective space for others. I believe in the importance of mindful breathing, compassionate curiosity, spending time in nature, and the ability to laugh at oneself every now and again.

I believe in being real with ourselves and others, especially, with regards to the inevitable curveballs of life, which we all encounter in varying shades. In my experience, realness leads to connection and compassion, which are the cornerstones of human growth and development. 

Thanks for visiting this space and allowing me to be a part of your journey.

Be real and be well,

Janice Gill

If you have any questions or queries or are interested in collaborating or working with me, please do Connect with me! You can check out my services and/or visit Inside Health Clinic to schedule an appointment.



“Having worked with Janice for a number of years at ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids, I have so much respect for her as a clinician. Janice is an incredibly skilled therapist. She not only has a vast knowledge of mental health and wellness, but she also has compassion and empathy for individuals from all walks of life. She is able to forge meaningful connections with clients in order to help them achieve their personal health goals. Janice is also a trained yoga teacher, which I believe is a beneficial and unique complement to her therapeutic skills. I would happily recommend her to anyone in search of help in bettering their mental health.”

~ Nilusha Dore, M.Ed., C.C.C., RP

“I would highly recommend Janice from Pink Circle Wellness, as her passion for yoga and her personable nature are extremely helpful when it comes to being a new and growing student hoping to build a fun, safe and effective yoga practice… Janice was so kind and patient and was able to make me feel comfortable and at ease… Janice is one of those rare and wonderful people who is so incredibly genuine and down to earth. She is playful and positive, as well as having a profound understanding of the mind and body connection…Thank you Janice!”

~Shivani Patel


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