On Unbecoming…

IMG_4023.JPGAs it turns out, the journey of becoming is actually a whole lot more about unbecoming. It’s about unlearning past coping states that have become fixed and limiting traits. It’s about shedding the “shoulds,” whittling away at the walls, transgressing trauma, breaking down barriers, and defying society’s prescriptive roles and conventions.

Unbecoming is a journey that requires bravery and courage. It requires perseverance, integrity, compassion, and truth. It requires evading expectations, detaching from outcomes, and abolishing the need for approval. It’s about standing out, over fitting in, and forgetting who others THINK you are, so you can remember who you KNOW you are. It’s authenticity over approval. Purity over perfection. And, always always truth over trend.

Where are you at on your journey of unbecoming?

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