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The story behind the name

I was sitting with my first ever 3-year-old student, Anna, reading the book: “I am Yoga,” by Susan Verde. I was intentionally utilizing the pictures in the book to help facilitate (and contain) a stimulating, yet purposeful Yoga practice with this little one. When we had finished the book, Anna proceeded to flip through the pages and point to pictures of poses she wanted us to do next. I followed Anna’s lead for a bit, as she was still warming up to the practice of Yoga. We explored what poses felt good for our bodies. Anna carried on enthusiastically referencing various pages of the book and suggesting what poses we should do next. Anna turned to a page that was blank, with the exception of a pink, swirling circle in the background, and pointed to it, stating: “Let’s do THIS one!” With genuine curiosity, I wondered aloud “Oh, what’s that one called?” “Big, Pink Circle Pose!” she exclaimed. Now, I could have let my logical left-brain take over at that moment, and in the interest of wanting her to learn a “proper” form of Yoga, gently inform her that that was not actually a “real” pose. Instead, I decided to embrace—rather than stifle—the little one’s creative endeavour, and enthusiastically inquired: “Okay, what does Big, Pink Circle Pose look like?” As Anna proceeded to throw up her arms and twist her leg around her body into some wildly unfamiliar, yet beautiful shape, I was reminded of one of the largely misperceived notions about the physical practice of Yoga—It’s really not about the pose at all! The purpose of stepping onto our mats is not about accomplishing anything tangible (flexibility, perfect alignment, handstands, etc., although those may come with time). We come to our mats to FEEL. To breathe. To be present and free. To love. To accept. To be mindful and listen to our bodies. And, to let go, and surrender. Thus, #PinkCircle was born! I am eternally grateful to Anna for her wise and inspiring reminder, which continues to be the foundation of my own self-practice as well as my teachings!





Meet Janice


I am a mental health therapist, yoga teacher (200-hr), meditation teacher (100-hr), registered social worker (MSW, RSW), world traveller, and lifelong learner. I am an ally, an advocate, and a holder of hope. I am passionate about guiding people on their journeys toward optimum health and wellness, especially those facing challenges or barriers related to mental health.

I value authenticity, compassion, and humour. I believe in the importance of mindful breathing, spending time in nature, and the ability to laugh at oneself every now and again.

I believe in being real with ourselves and others, especially, with regards to the inevitable curveballs of life, which we all encounter in varying shades. In my experience, realness leads to connection and compassion, which are the cornerstones of human development.

I believe that there are many paths to healing but that there must be a consideration and integration of the mind, body, and spirit along the way. My intention in starting up Pink Circle stemmed from my desire to combine my passions, skill set, and personal experiences to provide those on their healing and wellness journeys with a safe space—whether physical or virtual. A space that cultivates a sense of hope and connection, within and between people. A space that is rooted in empowerment, equality, and realness, and, some good ol’ fashioned self-love and self-acceptance.

Thanks for visiting this space and allowing me to be a part of your journey.

Be real, and be well, my friends,

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