On-the-Spot Tele-therapy, Consultation, and Coaching

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Real-time, convenient support and solutions for all kinds of inconvenient problems!

Support when you need it from the convenience of your home or office.

A single brief-oriented, solution-focused, therapy session via telephone call or zoom.

Sessions take place on the spot, during available on-call hours.

Current Hours of on-call (subject to change):

Fridays: 9:00am-12:00pm Eastern Standard Time (Last call will be taken at 12:00pm) First call, first served. No guarantee of availability.

First 10 minutes will be devoted to reviewing informed consent, confidentiality, nature and intent of service, as well as risks and benefits of service. The final 50 minutes will be about offering you support, tailored to your hopes and needs, through a range of therapeutic modalities, including: reflective, emotion-focused dialogue, Mindfulness-based CBT, brief, solution-focused therapy, narrative therapy, trauma-informed, attachment-focused therapy, EFT-Emotion Freedom Technique, and/or coaching.

Areas of specialization include:




-Life transitions


-Effective Communication




-General Wellbeing & Self-care

*Disclaimers: This is not a crisis service. If you are in crisis, please call 911, proceed to your nearest emergency room or contact your local crisis line.

If we feel your concerns are outside of our scope of practice, we have an ethical obligation to make alternative suggestions and/or referrals.

Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and clinicians may end the call at their discretion, if required.

Purchased sessions must be used within one month. No refunds will be granted. To purchase a session, click here.

You will be provided with a receipt, which you may then submit to your insurance provider if applicable. Check in with your insurance provider to ensure that they provide coverage for services rendered by a registered social worker.

Friday Morning, Eastern Standard Time? Call now! or Connect through Zoom.


Price: $130 for a single session.